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The main focus when planning outdoor lighting is to create functional and safe working environment. In ports, large industries and other potentially dangerous locations clear vision is absolutely essential to prevent people from risking their lives.

However, this does not necessarily mean that the solution should be as much light as possible. The challenge is to illuminate with the right lighting in the right place, since too much lighting can dazzle people and cause fatal blinding effects.

Nordic Lights vast experience and expertise in outdoor lighting ensures workplaces with sufficient safety levels. Since we deliver outdoor lighting to customers worldwide, this also include coping with the challenges of external circumstances. The lighting fixtures of Nordic Light are developed to withstand everything from snow, ice and cold, to fog, heat and sand.

“Illuminate with the right lighting in the right place to create safe environments.”


The design of outdoor lighting must take into account both the circumstances of the location and the factors that are important to the customer. In some cases long durability might be a key issue, while other times strong glow or illuminating certain spots in a location are our main concerns. The lighting solutions of Nordic Light are always designed to be contextual and fit in with the surroundings. Environmental awareness and energy efficiency are always interrelated factors at Nordic Light. The products have the advantage of low power consumption in both production and operation, combined with long durability before needing replacement.