Illuminating a supermarket is a complex and interesting challenge, since you need to include many various kinds of light sources. Apart from the general lighting, you need different kinds of fixtures depending on what kind of food products you are dealing with. Our experienced light planning for supermarkets is based on perfect control of the lighting effect , making sure not to premature any food products. We also apply selected filters to make sure that the colours of every product really comes to life.

“Create the best selling environment for both affordable price levels and more exclusive products.”


By creating the right atmosphere and making every item in the supermarket appear at its best, we maximize your potential to increase sales. Naturally, we adapt the light planning to the atmosphere sought after. For supermarkets selling products at affordable, more modest price levels, we use a homogenous and more cool light. In more expensive locations on the other hand, we use more spotlights and a warmer colour temperature to create an exclusive surrounding. Since supermarkets requires  illuminating big areas, we focus on developing energy efficient and long lasting lighting fixtures to keep the costs down for our customers.


Our product range suitable for food retailers