A smarter idea

Nordic Light was established 1980 under the name AARAB Belysning initially. Already from the initial start exhibition lighting was the market aimed for and this gradually developed further during first part of the 1990´s into development of shop lighting fixtures. Both fields had and still have a demand for lighting to work in selling and marketing environments.

Higher demands for colour rendering also applies and is natural in these fields. Combining good quality, efficient pricing strategy and after-sales responsibility means for the client control of TCO (total cost of ownership) and ROI (return of the invested capital).

Today, 30 years later, Nordic Light’s products are sold around the world. Production mostly takes place in China, while company headquarters and product development operations are based in Sweden.

We aim to continually work with product development, staying as far ahead as possible in terms of user-friend -liness and dependability. Good design, low cost and low environmental impact are other characteristics we value highly. Combined, these qualities make a typical Nordic Light product.