Social responsibility

We feel good if you do

At Nordic Light, we are convinced that responsible business practices mean better business. Motivation, loyalty among employees and good relations with the outside world don’t just make us feel good, they also increase our profitability.

We want our staff to enjoy their work. Good health is also important. That is why we invest significant amounts in exercise and relaxation facilities which are open to all employees, including a lounge, gym, cinema, and more. We also run a number of activities to promote team-building.

Naturally, local laws and work culture apply at our facilities in China. But even there, our work is based on the same idea – that a motivated and loyal employee generates more profit for the company – and for the community – than one who is not.

Over the years Nordic Light has assisted several projects and associations. Our efforts have focused on supporting projects which provide concrete benefits to society. In many cases, Nordic Light has supported projects which do not normally receive support from the business community.